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“Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file”

To help protect our products against leaking, we have a system in place that restricts how many times someone can download a product they have purchased. This is currently limited to 1 download per item purchased. And if you try to download it again, you will be met with the “Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file” error that our system spits out, and looks something like this:

This system is automatic, and our team do not have any input on it at all. However, we are able to solve the matter for you should you have a legitimate reason to have to redownload a file. A genuine reason for needing to download a file could include; having lost the file due to getting a new computer, or your hard drive has corrupted and been wiped. For this, our team can assist you and give you another download.

Please note: Our team do get extremely busy, and reinstating download permissions does take time. We politely ask that you try to recover the file if it is still on your computer. Search your C: Drive, check your Recycle Bin and look in your Downloads folders.

However, if you find yourself genuinely needing another download. There are two options: either open a ticket on our Discord or open a ticket on our Customer Support Portal. Wherever you decide to open a ticket, please make sure you have a few pieces of information to hand:

  1. Your Order Number
  2. Reason for needing another download

Our support team will look to get back to you as quick as possible. And hopefully, we will be able to give you another download. But please note, this will again be just another single download. And, if we as a team, feel you are asking for too many downloads and expect you may be requesting further downloads to facilitate leaking or sharing of our products, we reserve the right to refuse you another download at any time.

We hope you enjoy using our products!