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Change the default spawn color for a vehicle

If you wish to change the color in which a certain vehicle spawns in your FiveM server, you can use this guide. This is especially helpful for unmarked vehicles, or vehicles where they have to be a certain color for the livery to be correct.

  1. Navigate to the carvarations.meta entry for the vehicle you wish to use. (This tutorial assumes you are using addon as your method to add vehicles)
  2. In the <colors> section you will see a list of indices, with a list of numbers below. These are the numbers you need to change.

<indices content="char_array">
     134 <!--Primary Color -->
     134 <!--Secondary Color -->

To change the default spawn color, go to this page, choose the color of your liking, and replace the ‘primary color’ number with the ID of the color you have chosen.

The indices section might appear a number of times in your carvarations entry, replace the color in every section to ensure your vehicle spawns the correct color every time.