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How to install vehicles to GTA Singleplayer

You can purchase our vehicles for use in GTA Singleplayer without needing any additional checks to be done*, unlike if you wish to use the vehicle on a FiveM Server.

This article will explain how we recommend installing your vehicle to GTA Singleplayer.

Modding DLC Pack V

We recommend using Modding DLC Pack V to install your vehicle. It’s a simple method and can be used by anyone.

  1. Navigate to the download page on GTA5 Mods and download Modding DLC Pack V.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the zip folder and run the ModdingDLCPackV.oiv file to install it to your game.
  3. Follow the included ReadMe file to install the vehicle as either a replace or addon. We’ve included it below too.

If you ever want to use the vehicles on a FiveM Server, you need to fill out our permission request form, read this article for more information.

*still subject to the usual order approval process due to system limitations